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Warning: This game is currently in Alpha and, as such, there remain many bugs to remove. The main current priorities for development are:

1) More content (unique monster skills in dungeon levels beyond 4 and more player races/classes),

2) More polish,

3) Help / tutorials etc.

Have you ever wanted to defeat fearsome monsters? Ants. Bees. Voles. Picaro knows no limits.

Or perhaps you want to feel like a technological wizard, with all the latest gadgets? In Picaro your character can wield not just gloves but mittens. None shall dare oppose you and your opposable thumbs.

Last and quite possibly least, take advantage of mysterious magics and terrific techniques like the awe-inspiring 'dash'.

Please note that this game is completely free. If you like it, please consider donating some money to a charity of your choice and let me know in the comments. It would be great if some good could come from Picaro :-). Thank you.

Install instructions

Requires the Java 8 run-time environment to be installed.


Picaro.jar 434 kB

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